Weekends, Part 2- Denial

So if Josh deals with the upcoming changes by acceptance, you can be sure my approach is the opposite. Denial.

I refuse to think how our lives are going to be turned upside down and instead, prefer to think of a quiet, sleeping, peaceful newborn who will allow me to have coffee or lunch with friends, lots of time for knitting and sewing and still maintain an immaculately clean house.


I can’t even think that without laughing hysterically.

So instead of knocking out some projects I’d like to get done, say, before Christmas, being productive finishing the nursery, maybe making some baby clothes or at least organizing and washing the clothes we have, I’ve been doing every thing I can think of to avoid doing anything practical.

Namely, I decided it would be a great time to start a new hobby! Brilliant decision on my part, yes? It was such a brilliant decision, I decided to take up two new hobbies!

The first at least uses a skill I already know and doesn’t take up much time. It also has the added benefit of helping me use up my yarn scraps (something Josh appreciates very much.)

However, on the practicality scale, it’s non-existent. I’m now marginally obsessed with knitting doll clothes.

Marion was going through a period of not wanting to get a bath and so we got her her first baby doll to take into the bath with her (and maybe, hopefully? help with adjusting to baby sister.) Since she’s made to go in the bath, her accessories included bath toys, baby powder, a towel, diaper and PJs. But no real clothes. Let’s just say she was in our family for less than 24 hours before I started making her a new wardrobe.

Like the little hand reaching up to grab her from me? And it took less than 24 hours for that dress to find it’s permanent home on a teddy bear of hers. Also, yet another lesson in toddlerhood, for mama. The lesson being that baby dolls are meant to always be naked.

That lesson didn’t stop me from knitting some more though.

A little summer skirt and top.

And since it is still summer, a pair of shorts.

I can guarantee you that this winter, she’ll have more sweaters than you can shake a stick at.

My other hobby, not quite so “practical” and infinitely more time consuming. It’s yarn dyeing. Why, why would I need to dye yarn when you can purchase it in any shade imaginable and know the color is colorfast, lightfast, usually washable, etc. I have no answers for that. Simply that this baby is making me crazy.

First up, a little dyeing with coffee.

On the left, the undyed wool. On the right, after a nice bath in coffee.

So I made Marion a little slouchy beret. Because exactly what she needs in this, the hottest summer ever in Houston, is a wool beret.

This baby is eating my brain. Maybe I’ll turn out something practical by the time she’s five.

I’ve also been trying for my second experiment, dyeing with black beans. It’s not been as easy as the coffee and I’m on attempt three right now (well, it’s in progress.)

This is the result of my second attempt. The first attempt just resulted in mold. Don’t ask. Maybe one day I’ll get the denim blue I’m aiming to achieve.

Which do you think will come first? The baby, or color results I’m happy with?

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One Response to Weekends, Part 2- Denial

  1. Jen Fischer says:

    The doll clothes are so cute! Love them!!

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