Fall Fun 1 – Zoo Boo

We kicked off the fall season here in Houston with a trip to the Houston Zoo’s Zoo Boo. We were supposed to meet up with our playgroup friends, but in true fashion of a family with two little ones, we were a few hours late. We still had fun, even without our friends and in spite of the temps in the high 80s. Boo on that! Because it was so hot, the girls couldn’t wear their costumes. (Wool pants would have just been torture!)

Thank goodness for a cowboy hat and a pair of overalls though!

Unfortunately she had way outgrown her cowboy boots, so this is just rural Marion instead of straight up cowgirl Marion.

Still super cute Marion though 🙂

One pumpkin

Two pumpkins

Eleventy billion pumpkins!

And they’re all hers!

Trying to cajole a hot, tired two year old into a smile

An acceptable imitation of a smile

Watching the lions with daddy

And the monkey

So Marion was talking to Granny Chris after this zoo visit and told her about seeing the monkey. Granny Chris asked what the monkey was doing and Marion replied with “Monkey eat peanut butter!” Monkey eat what?

Oh yes



Peanut butter

Artiste at work

Getting warmed up for some dancing

She inherited my super sweet dancing skills. Please notice how Leo is singularly unimpressed with her moves. (We did run into a few of our friends after all.)

We followed up with a fun lunch at Little Bigs, always a family favorite

Except for the onions, she always picks those off

Eliza Jane had her lunch too

Little baby feet for dessert

Post lunch snuggles. And yes, Eliza’s outfit was intentional.

It was what Marion wore for her first trip to the zoo too!

(There is video embedded in this post)

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2 Responses to Fall Fun 1 – Zoo Boo

  1. gigi says:

    i’m lovin the dance moves!
    love ya’ll

  2. lovedd pumpkin trip and p-nut butter monkey girlss are too sweett. wish i couldd hug them. i type too heavy

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