Fall Fun 2 – Pumpkin Time

Did you know there’s another canned pumpkin shortage this year? It’s not as bad as it was last year, but I still wanted to be prepared should the need for pumpkin baked goods hit our household and the store shelves be empty.

So my helpful little baker elf brought home a sugar pumpkin for me!

Between football games one Saturday, we scooped

And picked

And watched

And scooped some more

(And got a little side tracked if the truth be told)

And made a little mess

Until our pumpkin became

A muffin!

Using her new found pumpkin cleaning skills, Marion helped Josh make our halloween pumpkins too.

That’s her “model” pose

The finished produt

Pretty cool I think!

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One Response to Fall Fun 2 – Pumpkin Time

  1. granny chris says:

    fun in the pumpkin patch Oh to be a kid again. also i believe niss elizaa jane likes to sleep

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