Fall Fun 3 – Pumpkin Patch

This year we just weren’t up for making the trek to Dewberry Farms like we did last year, but luckily we found a great little patch in the neighborhood where the girls had just as much fun.

We went the Friday before Halloween, so it was pretty picked clean. However, they still had a great collection of all these unusual pumpkins, warty, colored and odd shaped.

Marion had more fun with the unusual ones than she did the normal ones

She was also mesmerized by the magnolia seed cones (that’s my Mississippi in her coming out.)

Mr Brown Dog came along as well

She wasn’t allowed to sit on the pumpkins, but there were no such rules prohibiting Mr Brown Dogs

Like I said, “no sitting on pumpkins” doesn’t apply to small brown dogs

Her daddy’s new favorite picture 🙂

No matter how much she asked, I wouldn’t let her bring this guy home

Baby sister woke up from her nap long enough to get in a few pictures too

Look mama, I found her bow! Yes Marion, it was attached to her head.

Their sweaters are the fantastic Milo pattern

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