Fall Fun 4 – The Great Pumpkin Fun Run

In keeping with the family tradition (of sorts) once again finding ourselves with a small infant during the Halloween season, we headed off to the Texas Heart Institute’s Great Pumpkin Fun Run.

This year, mama had more sense and stayed out of it with the girls while Josh ran the 5K. And run it he did! He came in second place in his age group! Yay Josh!

The girls also wore their matching bumblebee pants, which I realized actually look more like jailbreak outfits. Oh well.

My little dancing bumblebee

Here comes Josh!

(He passed the guy in front of him at the finish line)

Doing her run daddy run celebration dance

His winner’s reward – a handful of acorns she’d been collecting all morning

Her patient and cooperative toddler reward – a banana from the food tents

Proof Eliza was there too

Bumblebees with their bee keeper

Baby bee



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One Response to Fall Fun 4 – The Great Pumpkin Fun Run

  1. gigi says:

    what a wonderful time…yay for josh and congrats
    what a difference from 2008 to now…
    love the bees and their keeper
    love the family…

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