Happy Thanksgiving – Part One

Oh joy, another blog post divided into parts!

Why, you might ask, is Thanksgiving, a one day holiday, divided up into parts? Well, the answer is because we’re crazy.

If we had stuck to our original plans, Thanksgiving would have been just a one day post, a mere blip in the blog. But then we got the crazy out and decided instead of having Atlanta folks come visit us, we’d go visit them. That’s right. Houston to Atlanta with two little kids. And two dogs. And three suitcases. In just once car. Did I mention one of the little kids is a little baby who won’t take a bottle and wants to nurse every two hours?

Anyway, we did it, survived and had a great trip, even if I do think I left my sanity at the Georgia/Alabama border.

First stop, really, just a layover, was at my parents in Mississippi. We left at 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning and pulled in nine hours later. A trip that usually takes just seven hours took nine.

We were pretty wiped out when we got to Papaw and Marme’s house, so there aren’t a lot of pictures, but we did have a great visit with Papaw, Marme, ManMan, Isabella, Aunt Janis and Mamaw.


Snuggly little baby girl

Reading with Marme, there’s always time for that!

Sleepy big girl

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