Happy Thanksgiving – Part Three

And we finally made it to Atlanta!

Playing with Aunt Sarah’s old toys alone made the trip worth it to Marion

I’m pretty sure the highlight of the trip though was getting to play in Granny Chris’s jewelry box

Pure joy

Pretty sure she wants to be Mr T when she grows up now

Pity the fool…

Actually, I’m not sure what Marion was more thankful for. The jewelry box or the unrestricted access to the piano

(Cover your ears if you watch this with the sound on! She’s no piano prodigy :))

Mar was also very thankful for Titus kitty. Not so sure Titus was as thankful for her though…

What an imp

Belle Mere, why would she want to get a picture with you when there is a cat to be chased?

And mama and daddy were very thankful for a GranMan and his iPad with the Flight Control app that kept Marion occupied and entertained!

The plane lands here, GranMan! (Sorry if she ruined your high score Bob!)

And proof Eliza was there too! 🙂

She just did this pretty much the whole time

Our first thanksgiving as a family of four

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