Mississippi Christmas – Part Four

Rounding out the quadfecta (is that even a word) of pick your own food we started this year, we ended with picking some pecans out at Nana & Grandad’s.

Hello farm!

Someone had some really big ambitions when they picked up a five gallon bucket

Andrew kept it more reasonable with the grocery store bag

The horses kept trying to steal our hard work!

Who am I kidding

As if I would do any hard work

With horses around

This is what I did the whole time!

Good thing there were people around willing to actually work. Or at least, willing to climb in the trees, shake the branches, and call it work.

Also things my brother is willing to do?

Shoot a pecan with a BB gun

Since we forgot to bring a nutcracker with us

Al demonstrates getting shot in the back with a BB gun. WHEN WE WERE YOUNG! We have more sense than to shoot each other with guns (at least, in front of the kids.)

And look who isn’t scared of horses anymore!


Josh knows he’s in a whole lot of trouble

No way will he be able to resist us and our request for a horsie!

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