Christmas Knitting – Part One

Good thing I didn’t make any resolutions about making blog posts in parts!

And yes, I’m still stuck back on Christmas. What can I say? January is just a really slow, boring, unbloggable month around here.

First up, my very first adult sized sweater! I’m not really sure what I was thinking deciding to knit an adult sweater and have a newborn, but I got it done and my mom got her gift before Christmas and without me paying overnight shipping on it!

And I’m assuming that she likes it

But since I haven’t actually seen her (or a picture of her) in it, it’s just an assumption

It’s the February Lady Sweater – Ravelry page here

Also for my mom, the calorimetry headband

The neat thing about this project (at least to me it’s neat) is that I dyed the wool using coffee grounds

It turned out a really gorgeous shade of tan I think

I liked it so much I almost kept it for myself

Minus the fact I have absolutely no use for wool headbands here in Houston

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2 Responses to Christmas Knitting – Part One

  1. Jenny says:

    wow k – you really did an amazing job!! so beautiful!

  2. gigi says:

    tony and i love your handi work and are so happy you got them to us for christmas! i’ll send pictures of us in them/using them soon. really i will!

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