Bread Resolution, Perfection

Recipe #2 done!

The basic bread recipe, with the addition of thyme and oregano.

Just when I thought I couldn’t perfect the already perfect grilled cheese, I found out I was wrong. Herbed bread, one slice extra sharp cheddar, one slice extra sharp white cheddar and a slice of Jarlsberg. Done up in a cast iron skillet, of course.

I learned the secret of a perfect grilled cheese from my papaw. Although according to him, it wasn’t a perfect grilled cheese unless it was on sourdough bread. The key, low heat and long cooking time. A perfectly good grilled cheese can’t be rushed. You rush it, you end up with un-melted cheese and burnt bread. To this day, I can’t eat a grilled cheese without being reminded of my grandfather (and I think all his grandkids would say the same.)

Perfection I tell you.

Enhanced only by the addition of homemade tomato soup

That, my friends, is about as a perfect a lunch as you could ever want.

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One Response to Bread Resolution, Perfection

  1. jen says:

    I’ve found that the 100% ww bread and the light whole wheat (I do about 50/50 ww/white flour) are nearly impossible to burn while making grilled cheese (or even toast). 🙂

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