Growing Up Sisters, Letter 0.4 and Letter 2.4

Dear Sweet Girls,

I had grand intentions of keeping up writing separate letters to you throughout this year, and so far, I’ve maintained it. Please don’t point out that Eliza is only four months old so that’s not much of a goal, but hey, it’s something.

Anyway, I have an honest reason for writing you both this month (a reason, you’ll note, not an excuse.) The reason is that this month you have really become sisters. Truly, Eliza, you have no choice but to be a sister, since it’s all you’ll ever know. But Marion, you have just completely embraced your role as a big sister and I simply cannot tell you what it does to me to see you two being sisters.

See, I didn’t get my sister until I was ten years old. And let’s just say, it took almost that many more years before we really became sisters in spirit, not just in word. I was thrilled when I found out that I was having another girl because here was a chance for me to experience something totally new, having a sister from birth. I close my eyes and can still see the moment the two of you first met and it just almost brings me to my knees with joy to think of that.

{ reading to Eliza Jane }

This month, Eliza, you learned to roll over from your belly to your back. In true second child fashion, I’m ashamed to say I missed it since I was getting Marion ready for school. But then you did it again, and I think that Marion cheered just as loudly for you as I did. She takes so much pride in all your little accomplishments. She loves it now that you like to play with toys and most of the time is pretty good about sharing with you. You both find each other funny and Marion takes her role of big sister teacher very seriously.

{ Eliza Jane rolls over }

Marion, I can’t tell you how much I love seeing this side of your personality come out. I love hearing Eliza fuss and come into the room, only to see you beside her saying, “it’s alright baby sista!” I often ask you what Eliza wants or needs and you answer either “milk” or “baby sista need sleep mama.” Which is pretty much true! You often leave me in hysterics with your spot on observations about what Eliza can and cannot do. And I have to say you’re a bad influence on me and Daddy. You can’t really say “Jane” very well, so it sounds like “shape” when you say it. I don’t think it’s a good thing that she now answers to the name of “Eliza Shape!” We won’t even talk about what happened when you gave her the nickname of “shovel head.”

{ Marion gives the weather forecast ]

It always annoyed me when I told people we would have two girls and their first response was “good luck with that. I hated my sister growing up.” (On a side note, why do people say such things? I’ll never understand the lack of filters people have when they talk to a pregnant woman. I digress.) And I know things won’t always be such smooth sailing as we have now. We’re starting to get glimpses of that when Daddy is holding Eliza Jane and you come up, Marion, and say, “NO! My daddy!” That’s the exception though, not the rule. I try to tuck these treasures away in anticipation of days that aren’t so good, where you wish we’d sold baby sister to that caravan of gypsies.

{ Eliza Jane, four months old }

I don’t think that I can adequately convey how much it means to me to watch you be sisters. It’s this link that you have, that I’ve created, yet I’m totally separate from it. I’m so blessed to be your mama, to watch you grow, watch you love each other, just to watch you be sisters.

{ sisters }


{ conversations with Eliza Jane, four months old }

{ conversations of a sort with Marion, two years, four months old }

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One Response to Growing Up Sisters, Letter 0.4 and Letter 2.4

  1. Grannie says:

    I know the girls will cherish the letters you are writing. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    The videos are priceless !!!! Eliza is growing and developing so fast. I sat and laughed out loud watching Marion prepare the dog for a nap. He is so patient with her.

    Love to all,
    Grannie Hughes

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