Sweetheart Hat

Continuing with the seasonal theme apparently …

A sweet heart on a string hat for Marion!

(On a side note, I got a new iPhone4 that I adore, mostly. My old iPhone I loved to take photos with, but this one, something about makes the colors go all wonky. I can assure you the hat is not this blindingly colored in real life!)

My goofy girl

I’m marginally pleased with how this turned out, but only marginally. One day I’ll learn to trust my instincts and stick with what I know.

The pattern is Heart on a String by Susan B Anderson

And while I’m sure Ms Anderson knows her stuff (she is a published knitting author after all) I find all her hat patterns to be very generous in size. So despite my instinct to knit this hat in my tried and true top down fashion, I followed the pattern and knit it bottom up.

Let’s just say the hat has lots of growing room.

One day I’ll learn (but I bet it’s not any day soon.)

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