Playroom Love

Welcome to the playroom!

{ felt board }

One of the reasons we wanted a third bedroom, was not to actually have another bedroom. Even if Beans had turned out to be a boy, the kids would have shared a room. We’ve realized that in order for us to keep our adult sanity, we need to have a space for the majority of the kids’ toys to call home. A space that most importantly has a door that we can shut so we don’t have to see the mess!

{ a little love in the spirit of the season }

And now that Marion’s toys are getting bigger and bigger (see her kitchen and fridge!), we’re happy to have a permanent home for them. A home that doesn’t involve our direct line of sight, I might add. And now that Marion’s toys also involve lots of little pieces (see play food!), I’m really happy to have a door to close on the mess so I don’t have to see them and step on them.

{ three of my most favorite works of art }

I spent so much time making the things for Marion that I hated the thought of getting rid of it when we re-did the girls’ room, so I was really happy to find out I was able to actually re use most everything from the old nursery.

{ dots! and the coolest lamp in the world }

I love being able to sit and nurse Eliza while watching Marion play. It’s a lot better than all of us camped out in front of the TV (although that happens quite a bit too!)

{ eliza’s little corner }

We’ve even dedicated a corner of the room to Josh’s bike & gear. Now, Marion’s little bike hangs out there too! And to answer your question, we taught her when she could crawl that Daddy’s bike was not a plaything and she 99.9% of the time leaves it alone. Somehow, I feel we won’t be so lucky with Eliza Bean.

{ books & bikes }

{ the chairs even got slipcovers }

{ our sweet little playroom }

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One Response to Playroom Love

  1. gigi says:

    i just love their playroom…and it makes a nice gigi room too!

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