Easy Peasy Valentine Cards

So it’s Sunday night and you’ve realized you don’t have any Valentine’s for tomorrow and you don’t feel like getting shanked at WalMart for the last box of horrible Dora cards? Here’s an easy peasy toddler friendly card you can do in just a few minutes.

Heart shaped template
Hole punch
Construction Paper

And not pictured, but vitally important, glue stick.

Trace your heart shape out onto the color you want the card to be and cut out.

Cut assorted colors of construction paper into strips about as wide as your punch (copy of Good Night Moon not necessary.)

Then get to punching

If you’re brave, let the toddler cover one side of the heart with the glue stick. If you’re not so brave, the the adult take care of this part.

Then turn the toddler loose!

Mar had lots of fun picking out just the right colors for each heart

(Ignore my man voice due to a head cold in the video, please)

And tada! Thirty minutes later, Valentines anyone would be happy to get!

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