Recipes 2-7

I’ve been a busy little baker recently! Unfortunately, not such a busy (or great) photographer, so forgive the lack of pictures and the poor quality of them. Most of these are cell phone pictures as the bread tends to not be in the house long enough for me to get a good picture of it before we eat it all!

So, I’ve now baked a baguette, batard, ciabatta, couronne, pain d’epi and made the aubergine tartine.

I have to say this is where I get a bit frustrated with the book (and bored) since all of these recipes are really just variations of different shaped bread using the same recipe. But, I shouldn’t really complain since they’ve all been quick, easy, and delicious, even if you’d never see anything like my baguettes in a French bakery!

I’ve got one more recipe in this basic chapter, then it’s on to peasant loaves. I’m glad I’ve got this resolution to keep me baking because if it were up to me, I’d probably stop with the pain d’epi which might be the best bread ever. I mean, ever.

Picture time (such as they are) to prove that I’m really doing this!

My sad little baguette. I’ve made this two more times and I still can’t get them shaped right.

However, it made the most amazingly delicious aubergine tartine. This will for sure be in heavy rotation this summer.

My pretty (even if it’s not authentic) ciabatta loaf.

The couronne dough. It was actually kind of a letdown. That just means I have to make it again to make sure it wasn’t baker error on my part!

And my “it still needs work but man oh man was it everloving good” pain d’epi. This was unbelievable. It has the perfect crust to crumb ratio and it’s perfectly proportioned already. Just tear off a wheat stalk and nom nom nom away. Not nearly as gorgeous as these on The Fresh Loaf but it gives me something to aim at achieving!

Up next, the crusty white sandwich loaf for this weekend of casual eating then bust out the rye flour for peasant loaves!

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