Letter 0.5

Sweet Eliza Jane,

You are five months old and again, I’m in denial. It ain’t just a river, I’m telling you.

{ she’s surprised she’s 5 months old too }

This month has been such fun with a smidge of frustration. But mostly fun. We’ll start with the frustrations first.

{ big sister likes to share her toys with you while you sleep }

One thing is the same thing I’ve been dealing with since you were born. It’s very hard to balance your needs against the needs of our family. You need to take your nap at 9 a.m., but Marion also needs to be at school at 9 a.m. I feel really guilty sometimes about how much you get shorted the ability to follow your own schedule and establish your own routine. I feel like most of your day is spent just going hither and yon as I run errands, play chauffeur and try to find some time for myself. Such is the lot of the second child though, right?

{ mama’s gotta do what mama’s gotta do! }

Luckily, you take it all in stride (most of the time.) You’re still pretty laid back and calm about most things. However, you will not be ignored, which I find to be hysterical. I don’t know why it amuses me so much, but it does.

{ contortionist }

Your sleep has also been somewhat frustrating this month, although I really and truly shouldn’t complain because compared to where we were at this point with your sister, egads. I can’t remember (knock on wood) the last time you were up twice in one night. The problem bigger than you waking up is that sometimes when you’re up, you want to stay up. That’s when I hand you off to your dad and tell him to go watch Future Weapons or Three Stooges with you at 4 a.m. There’s only so much mama can take of being amused by your raspberries at the break of dawn!

{ wide awake at 3 a.m. }

Now for the fun stuff – there’s so much of it! You love to mimic us; you love to take turns blowing raspberries back and forth with us. You’re very observant and when we make some new face, you study us so intently to see just how it is we’re doing that. You also are really amused when we imitate your noises. It always cracks you up, as if we’re speaking in our own private language to you. It’s so cute how vocal you are. Cute, and ear splitting, because have mercy, you love to squeal!

{ look at those rolls! you won’t be at all embarrassed by this when you’re sixteen }

Other things you love, you still love your jumper. Although you much prefer for us not to use it as a babysitter. You love your blanket as well, especially to shove it in your mouth. You still love shower time with mama and it’s one of my favorite parts of the day as well. You love naked time (and hate wearing socks. I think there’s a correlation in there somewhere.) You love to watch TV. I should be more ashamed of this than I am. You love to eat my fingers and anything you can get your grubby little hands on. You also love to suck your middle two fingers. Still won’t have anything to do with a pacifier or a bottle, but you love your fingers.

{ ‘nuggles with mama }

Speaking of which, we’ve stopped nursing to sleep. Woohoo! The relationship between your fingers and nursing to sleep is that we’ve been swaddling you with one arm out so that you can use your fingers and soothe yourself to sleep. It was an amazingly smooth transition and I’m so proud of how well you took to the adjustment. You’re also really good at putting yourself to sleep for naps. You fuss sometimes, but that’s just you complaining that you might be missing out on some fun.

{ you were born in Texas after all }

You love to complain too. HAHA! No clue who you got that trait from …

{ giraffe, it’s what’s for dinner }

You love your daddy. It’s so fun to see that development this month. I mean, you’ve always loved your daddy, but now, you just light up when you hear his voice and see him. You give him this huge gummy smile and follow him all around the room with your eyes. You love to play with him and your big sister and there’s nothing that makes me happier than hearing all three of you laughing together.

{ my world }

I love you so much baby girl of mine.



Conversations with Eliza Jane, at 4 a.m.

She’s edible

Things can get a little crazy when we stay up too late!

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