Rodeo Time!

And grandparent time too!

And first ear infection time for Eliza Jane as well which is why the blog was so quiet last week. Thankfully she’s feeling better now and napping by herself, so mama has some blogging time!

A few weeks ago, the rodeo rolled in to town, bringing with it Granman and BelleMere for a visit as well. Yeehaw!

Marion’s MDO had two days of Go Texan spirit, so of course I was excited to bust out the matching outfits I bought for the girls.

They simply could not be any cuter, could they?

At school, they celebrated with a little parade of all the kids in cuteness. I think we had the cutest cowgirl of them all (of course.)

We kept the outfit a little more casual for the actual Go Texan day

We did bring out the new french braided pigtails though!

Go Texan day also brought in Granman & BelleMere!

And what comes after Go Texan day?

The rodeo parade!

Always great fun

If a bit loud

I was really excited about getting to reuse Marion’s very first rodeo outfit (and reusing BelleMere’s photos. Amazing how little time you have to take pictures yourself when you’re chasing two kiddos!)



My cowgirls

Nursing my little cowpoke

Another photo I stole from BelleMere

This is how we roll these days

And we ended the visit, like all good visits to Houston, with a trip to the zoo

She dressed herself. Marion, the pink phase

Someone things the zoo is a great place to nap

And by far, the highlight of the zoo was riding the carousel with Granman!

Me and my girls (again, big thanks to BelleMere for getting some pictures of the girls that actually include me!)

{ video of riding the carousel }

Like all good Texans, the girls love the rodeo, but they love it the most for bringing in Granman and BelleMere!

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2 Responses to Rodeo Time!

  1. Linda says:

    Great pictures! I’m glad y’all had a chance to get together. 🙂

  2. BelleMere says:

    Katherine – What fun to relive the rodeo, the zoo, and the whole weekend together. Delighted to provide pics of the most adorable girls (and mom and dad) in Texas.

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