Letter 2.06

Happy 2.5 years sweet Marion!

You’re on the downhill side to three now, unbelievable! All of a sudden, you seem so much more grown up lately.

{ mama’s little sous chef }

I think it has a lot to do with your language explosion you’ve had recently. I think I mentioned before how you were stuttering again, which is always a sign that your brain is moving faster than your mouth and that you’re about to just amaze us with your skills again. And yup, the explosion has shown up this month. All of a sudden, you are full of so much adult speech, especially when it comes to colloquialisms and relationships between things. Sometimes, you’re a leetle bi’ hungry, sometimes you’re reeeeelly hungry and sometimes, you’re a hungry, hungry caterpillar!

{ demonstrating your sweet sandwich making skills }

We just never know what you’re going to say next either. Sometimes, you have such a sense of the absurd and we’re amazed by your silliness. At other times, you’re so very serious. The other night, as we were eating, I said that eating your broccoli was like eating trees. (By the way, that was not to convince you to eat your broccoli, you need no convincing in that department; I’ve never seen a kid love vegetables as much as you love them.) You looked at me very seriously and said “No, mama. Eating broccoli is not eating trees, it’s like eating “betcha-bles!”

{ having a salsa tasting with daddy }

Your imagination has seen some exponential development as well. You have this little family of bugs (that actually belong to Eliza Jane, but whatever) and they’re the ladybug family (even though they aren’t all ladybugs) and there’s a mama ladybug, a daddy ladybug and a baby ladybug. It’s so cool to see you act out your activities with them and how you play with them. When you started doing things with them, they were interchangeable. The mama ladybug was not always the same one. Now though, you’re very specific about which is which and can often be found around the house yelling “Where mama ladybug?”

{ loving on your giraffe from mama }

I still think you’re going to be a geologist when you grow up. You’re fascinated by dirt and rocks. Granman won your forever affection by bringing you a rock all the way from Atlanta when he came to visit with BelleMere. In fact, you got into the most trouble you’ve ever gotten in due to rocks. We were at my favorite yarn store (which is sadly now closed) and while it has my favorite yarns inside, it has one of the worst parking lots in the history of the world. I had Lima Bean with us and so had to let you walk to and from the store. On the way back to the car, you came thisclose to darting out into traffic because you wanted to take one of the parking lot rocks home with you. I have never been so scared in my life, but I think you learned your rocks in parking lots lesson!

{ you would live outside if we would let you }

You’re still such a great big sister and again, nothing makes me happier than watching the two of you play together. Of course, we’ve started hearing a lot of “no baby sister, dat mine!” but that’s only to be expected. You won’t be able to get away with that too much longer though, as Eliza is starting to stake her own claim to things.

{ mama’s version of the sibling free for all cage match }

You’re still very much a tomboy. In fact, I’ve learned the hard way to check your pockets before washing them as I’ve washed several rocks lately that look suspiciously like the rocks on the playground at school! But, you’re also starting to show a lot of your girly girl side.

{ trying on another new dress }

You’ve picked up the words “pretty,” “cute,” and “matching” lately. You’re forming opinions on your clothing and have a propensity (much to my dismay) to really bright, clashing colors! You still let me dress you up in smocked dresses though. You opened the package your Easter dress was in and said “Oooooh mama, dat a ‘eely ‘eely pretty dress for MarMar!” And I’m so happy that you love to dress in matching outfits with your sister! I know I won’t be able to do it forever, so I take lots of advantage of it now!

{ ready for church }

I just love and adore you, you’re such a wonderful daughter and I love watching you become your own little person. It’s so bittersweet watching you grow up. The other day, for the first time ever, you were wearing new shoes (that wasn’t the first time ever part) and told me when you put them on, “Mama, I go to school and show Ms Angie!” I have to admit that my feelings were a little hurt that you were so very excited about showing them to her, but my hurt feelings quickly go away when I see your big smile that you give me when I come pick you up.

{ how the toddler helps unload the groceries }

It’s hard seeing you grow up, but honestly, it makes me treasure all your little girl moments all the more. You struggle a bit (as always) with your afternoon nap now; you keep insisting that you aren’t tired, even though saying that you aren’t sleepy pretty much means that you are! But I love it though, because it means I get so many snuggles and cuddles and rare quiet time with you in the afternoons. Nothing makes me stop in my tracks quicker than hearing you ask for “mama ‘nuggles.”

{ mama ‘nuggles }

I love you so much my sweet big baby girl,

{ my goofy girl }

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