Square Inch Gardening

Yes, a post about me and plants.

Go on and get the laughter out of your system now.

But I grew up gardening and when the weather turns springy, I get the urge to plant, water, love, and eventually kill something green and growing.

However, this year will be different, I promise. How can I make such a promise you ask? Because I waited until I had success to write this post, haha!

Seriously though, never one to miss a bandwagon, I heard some of my super successful gardening friends *cough*Selena*cough* talking about this book called Square Foot Gardening. I wikipedia’ed it, did a quick Google search and became immediately convinced that this was a no fail gardening plan for me.

Despite my only outdoor space being a 12′ x 6′ slap of concrete two stories up.

So I present to you, my square inch garden

From left to right, four pea plants, four strawberries, four more peas, and a box of nine green beans. On the railings, loose leaf lettuce on the left and spinach on the right.

The peas are thriving and each plant has at least one pod on it

(On a side note, the bottom leaves on all of my eight plants are turning brown. Am I over watering, under watering or is this just something pea plants do? Any ideas?

The strawberries are settling in and bushing up

And flowering!

The birds aren’t a nuisance (yet)

But if I so much as catch them eyeing my strawberries, they’ll be on their own to find food!

The lettuce is loving the cooler days we’ve been having (and the fact that they face due east and keep out of the intense afternoon sun)

The green bean box (one more set of seeds to sprout)

Our sad little spinach. It was planted a little late, but hopefully we’ll still get at least one meal out of it.

And proof that it works!

So, if this experiment goes well expect to see updates off and on throughout the summer.

If not, well, you know what happened and for heaven’s sake, don’t ever let me purchase another plant in my life!

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One Response to Square Inch Gardening

  1. lifeisbeachykeen says:

    Aw, I love your little garden! I WISH I could have a little garden like that! I have even less room than you on our little balcony thing & the dogs would surely destroy anything that I put up there! I’ll just have to admire your garden!

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