Strawberry Shortcake

No, not that kind of strawberry shortcake (although it was mighty delicious!)

This kind of strawberry shortcake!

Our first (and certainly not last, not by a long shot!) picking trip of the spring/summer

Mondays are usually our hang around the house, recover from the weekend, tackle the laundry monster mountain kind of days

But we were blessed with a gorgeous Monday and an update from Froberg’s Farm on their facebook page that said they still had lots and lots of berries

So we indulged my spur of the moment quirkiness and packed up and headed off to the farm

(As a side note, the farm isn’t that far away from our house and it’s not really in the middle of nowhere, so it wasn’t like I had to pack, you know, necessities, but one thing I’ve learned as a mom of two is that even the smallest excursion with a baby and a toddler requires packing skills like you’re heading up Everest. And trip out of the house that has less than two bags is a packing light trip.)

Also, toddlers don’t really get that you shouldn’t hurl the strawberries into the buckets. At least I got her to toss them in underhanded.


This year, unlike last, the weather was gorgeous and the berries were every.where. We picked our first bucket in less than fifteen minutes.

And that was even with the toddler doing most of the work!

I had to tell her to reign in her enthusiasm. This is only one of four different picks I have planned this year (see folks, this is why you have kids. Fieldhands.)

How the Bean spent the first half of the day

And the second half

Making her Granny face

She was Pouty McPoutsALot that I wouldn’t let her put all that great dirt and grass in her face

This year Froberg added a great picnic area, so luckily, I had the foresight (for probably one of the only times in my life) to pack us a little picnic lunch

Hey, no strawberries!

When lunch was over, she wanted to go goof off. Then wanted to go pick more strawberries.

So I obliged and we picked another gallon of berries. In another fifteen minutes. I’m not lying when I said berries were everywhere.

One week later, we found ourselves back in the fields. This time with friends!

And Eliza Jane found herself parked back in the middle of the row

Mar got to carry her own bucket this time

That’s about as perfect a strawberry as you can imagine

Oh yes, sitting in the middle of a strawberry row, feeding my baby girl, and still picking strawberries. I’m just that talented.

So, strawberries down (although don’t be surprised if we make another trip or two down there this month), blueberries and peaches still to come and a hopeful new pick for us this year, blackberries!

And the strawberry shortcake picture above, if you’re interested, are Confections of a Foodie Bride’s homemade vanilla wafers, fresh strawberries, homemade whipped cream, and a drizzle of homemade strawberry syrup

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One Response to Strawberry Shortcake

  1. Jena says:

    I swear, your kids are the cutest kids ever. I know I say that in like every.single.comment, but they are just so adorable! If I liked strawberries this would be a fun thing to take my neice to do.. I guess I could still take her..but what would I do w/ all those strawberries. I don’t even know if we have a local place to pick them, but I’m guess Plant City would have one..y’know, since they have the Strawberry Festival and all. Huh..maybe next year.

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