Just A Monday

We’re having technical difficulties here at the L-H casa and so we’re internetless for the week. But thanks to modern technology & Steve Jobs, we’re wired (so to speak) via our phones. Ahhh, modern life!

So I thought rather than abandon the blog for the week, I’d do a series of posts of just our day to day life caught via the camera on my phone. Just our ordinary lives, with my extraordinary girls.


The girls played well together and let me get some wash done, so I rewarded them with a trip to the park

Where Eliza got her first push on the swings! (I can’t do videos from my phone, so just click above to watch her, it’s worth it, I promise!)


Then back home where someone was supposed to take a nap

But didn’t.


So I packed some food, loaded us all up, and we headed out for the zoo!

And it’s taking me way too long to put text after every picture, so just enjoy the pictures and know we had an absolute blast!











Not a bad way to spend a Monday!

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