We’re still around, I promise! We’ve just had a visitor the past week and well, we’ve been having too much fun to take time to blog! Yay for Gigi!

Ready to go get Gigi from the airport

Her first afternoon here and already putting her to work on crafting with the toddler

And snuggling the baby, of course

In true grandparent fashion, letting her play with the electronics, behavior usually forbidden by the parents. You know it’s going to take me weeks to re-instruct her that we don’t just randomly punch buttons on the camera

And as is our tradition, we packed up and headed off to the zoo, where for the first time, Marion was brave enough to crawl through the fish tunnel all by herself for the first time!

Scared to crawl through the tunnel, didn’t hesitate at touching the snake.

Every zoo visit now includes an elephant photo

In a first, we got to see a jaguar gnawing a hunk of raw meat. Yum?

The lions were up close and personal too (which is a treat, as we almost never get to go in the lion tunnel since you can’t take strollers down there. Yay for leaving Gigi above ground to babysit!)

The Gee-rafs were most definitely the highlight of the trip

Since we got to feed them!

I think he wanted to give me a kiss

We finished off a great weekend with a dinner at Little Bigs, where, it is surprisingly still gorgeous outdoor dining weather. Unheard of really for mid May!

I’d also like to thank Gigi for wearing out the toddler so much that she napped five days in a row. And I thought she was done napping – glad to be proven wrong!

And both Josh and I were happy to turn night time duties over to Gigi so that we could get away for some much needed date time! We went out, childless, FOUR nights in a row! I don’t know that has happened since we before we had kids!

Snuggle buggle

All clean and ready for bed (including Gigi, I’m sure!)

Sweet girls

Come back already Gigi – we miss you!

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2 Responses to Gigi!

  1. Jena says:

    That fish tunnel looks awesome!!! Great pictures of the zoo. I love the zoo!

  2. gigi says:

    oh my goodness i miss ya’ll so much already!
    can ya’ll just ship those girls up here for the summer and both of you can have date nights all summer long
    love ya’ll miss ya’ll

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