Weekends – Beach Time

We decided to get a jump start on the holiday weekend and head down to the beach before everyone else had the same idea. Of course, the day ended up being overcast and red flag conditions on the beach, but it was small price to pay for beating the crowds and having so much fun!

Making good use of big sister’s wagon

Don’t be fooled though

She had an absolute blast on her first trip to the beach!

The water was still a little chilly

But we couldn’t get her out of it

This one however

Is just like her mama

And thinks the beach would be great if it weren’t for all the sand and salt

In other words, a pool.

She did have fun flying a kite with Josh though

Who promptly reverted to being a 12 year old boy and came within six inches of nailing me sitting on our blanket when he crashed the kite.

He quickly put it away after that.

Sweet beachy girls

The highlight of the trip though was that someone learned to crawl!

For no other reason than to shove sand in her mouth!

See, I wasn’t kidding!

(video embedded in this post)

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