Rite of Passage

Being a parent is full of bittersweet moments, isn’t it?

Tonight found me and my girls getting gussied up for such a rite of passage, Marion’s first school performance. I couldn’t help but just snuggle my little baby and beam proudly at my big girl and remember all the school plays and performances I’ve dragged my family out to over the years.

There’s something special about schools outside of school hours. And by special, I mean crazy and kids hyped up on sugar and out past their bedtimes!

Me and my sweet girls

Because a toddler classroom isn’t crazy enough, throw in siblings and parents!

She was so proud of her work!

{ video }

My sweet, sweet, big brave girl. She was the first one to walk in and it didn’t even phase her. What’s that trite cliche? Give them roots to grow and wings to fly? It’s true and my little girl flew high tonight and took my heart with her.

{ video }

Twinkle, twinkle, slightly shaky star. Forgive Josh’s hand behind the camera, usually it’s me and I think he was a bit out of practice. Focus on the cuteness instead 🙂

{ video }

Jesus Loves Me.

And so does mama sweet girl. I’ve never been prouder.

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One Response to Rite of Passage

  1. Linda says:

    She’s so adorable!! I know y’all were super proud parents. 🙂

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