Letter 2.07.08

Sweet Mar,

{ on a date! }

Whoops! Two more months have gone by and I’m just now getting to writing this, bad mama!

{ you love hot dogs }

But that’s the way life has been going lately, at warp speed it seems. I don’t want to say we’ve hit our groove because that’s just asking for trouble. So I’ll just say life as a family of four is getting smoother.

{ silly girl }

After you turned one, Daddy asked if I was going to keep taking your monthly picture. I remember saying, maybe I will for a little while, but I don’t think she’s going to change that much from one to two.

{ black beard bean }


{ sassafrass }

I guess when you think about all the changes kids go through from birth to a year, it’s pretty amazing. And from just a physical standpoint, I don’t think there’s another time period where so much development goes on in such a short period of time. But even now, 32 months later, you’re still developing and changing and growing on a daily basis. Maybe the changes aren’t so quickly apparent or easily observed, but they’re still there.

{ a gigi just like mama }

And now, more than ever, I’m fascinated by you and love watching you grow up and change.

{ hair just like mama’s }

I love watching the relationship develop between you and Eliza.

{ sharing a cookie with mama at Target }

I love watching the relationship between you and your Daddy develop.

{ craft time is fun time! }

And I love helping to develop our relationship, although I have to admit it scares me to death a good deal of the time as well. I’ve been trying to take more one on one time with you; that’s become so rare and so special since your sister made her appearance in our lives. I love spending time with just the two of us because you now seem to get how special it is and you really seem to like it as well. Right now, I love this age because you don’t hate me 🙂

{ you said you ran out of toilet paper }

Most of the time, you think I’m pretty cool and I’m trying to live up to your expectations. Some days, it’s easier than others, I’ll be honest. Thankfully you haven’t told me I’m mean, yet. I’m sure that it’s coming though.

{ words don’t express how happy it makes you to wear your socks up to your knees }

So right now, I’ll just enjoy coasting through the months, enjoy the fact you still like me, and just simply enjoy being your mama.

{ i love you }


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