Holiday Weekends – The Knitting Edition

Let me give you a glimpse into the mind of a knitter.

A knitter with knitting ADD, that is.

Let’s go all the way back to the end of February.

I had just finished one of the socks for Josh that I was intending for a birthday present for him. Which gave me two weeks to complete the second sock. Totally doable.

Until I got bored and gave in to Marion’s requests for a G. Raffe of her own to match Eliza’s giraffe that was her (belated) Christmas present.

Which I did finish. And should have gone back to the second sock. But I had maybe forgotten about the sock already?

So I started something that in theory was supposed to be a birthday gift, to be gifted at Easter, since the recipients birthday was at the beginning of March. See any faults in my thinking yet?

Then, it was actually Easter and I decided that my girls needed knitted somethings in their Easter baskets. So I dropped the birthday present and picked up a bunny.

Which somehow did get done in time for Easter

But then, I couldn’t knit one for one girl and not for the other, right?

So I decided to make Eliza a bunny blanket

Which I got the blanket knit, but decided I hated the bunny.

So the bunny got knitted as a standalone bunny somewhat, while I decided to wait to be inspired for the border to finish the blanket with.

Looking for inspiration, I might add, required me to buy a new knitting book. Of course. Inspiration isn’t just laying around.

So while waiting for inspiration, my mom decided to visit.

And I decided to be a good daughter and knit something my mom has been requesting for no less than three years. Washcloths.

Anyone who has ever knit a washcloth knows there is not a pattern out there that actually uses a whole skein of cotton yarn. So in order to be thrifty and use my leftovers, I knit these tiny squares.

Oh, and then a friend had a housewarming party, which called for more washcloths!

Which meant even more leftovers. More tiny, useless squares.

But now, seriously, all the cotton yarn in the house is knitted up

And my needles are empty.

AND it’s a holiday weekend?

Perfect timing.

So what project do you think I spent all weekend working on?

Any guesses?

Did you guess this one?

Oh wait, probably not!

In fact, the knitting on it was actually completed last year!

But see, I got this shiny new toy

And Marion just had to have ruffle pants to match her dress top, right?

Then once again, not wanting to be wasteful

I had to make the scraps into something, right?

oooh look! More ruffles

Which was a lot of fun and a great way to spend my holiday weekend

But still leaves me with this.

Must focu….

Wait, were you saying something?

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One Response to Holiday Weekends – The Knitting Edition

  1. Linda says:

    Hee, hee…..

    (Socks? Do I win?)

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