Weekends – Race Recap #1

Believe it or not, this is a new year’s resolution I’ve stuck with keeping!

Two years ago, I ran a local race that’s almost perfectly flat (a grand total of 36 feet of elevation change) and smokin’ fast (or as fast as you can get a race to be the first weekend of June in Houston.) I finished in an abysmal 35:55, beating a 12 minute mile pace by a mere five seconds.

So back at resolution time, I decided I wanted to re-run that race but do it a lot faster and a lot better. Which meant I needed to lose weight (quickest way to be a fast(er) runner, shed pounds) and train better. Six months ago I started working with the world’s best coach (that would be my husband) and started Weight Watchers.

Saturday, I stood 22.5 pounds lighter and a whole lot faster. I ran the race this year in 29:21.7 (beating my goal of my very first every sub 30 minute 5K), knocking off a whopping six minutes and change off my time from two years ago.

Having the world’s cutest little cheerleaders helped a lot too šŸ™‚

A complete and totally Shrek-tastic picture of me. Seriously, what was up with my hair (perhaps the 78% humidity?)

It’s hard to brag on yourself sometimes, but I worked hard at this goal and I’m so proud that I actually accomplished it. Go me!

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One Response to Weekends – Race Recap #1

  1. libbieh@gmail.com says:

    am very proud of you kati!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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