Weekends – Race Recap #2

In the eight years Josh and I have been together, for the first time, we had back to back races this weekend. Who says relationships get stale with age? HA!

Josh competed again in the Tejas Triathlon that he did last year

He knocked an impressive four minutes off his time of last year and I spectated my first tri with two wee ones. Hey, if we have one more kid, we’ll have our own triathlon relay team!

Professional spectators – we have this down to a science. Minus forgetting to pack the camera and blowing up the front wheel on the double jogger and only being able to get the replacement from Australia and having to push the rotten umbrella stroller instead. Forget those things and we’re pros!

Daddy’s good luck charms

Daddy’s favorite part about racing? Giving the toddler endurance gels then running off!

It was just too much excitement for Liza Bean

The best part about racing, in Marion’s mind? Sharing post race snacks with Daddy!

Josh’s awesome run start (and I suggest if you value your hearing, turn your sound off. My voice sounds like Screech.)

Practicing our cheering

And our running

All the finish line drama you could ask for!

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