Weekends – Vacation Recap

Also known as – the vacation that almost wasn’t

In summary (as if I can actually do such a thing) my parents have a fishing house (let’s call it) in Norfork, Arkansas. Technically, between Old Joe and Norfork, but whatever. It satisfies my dad’s requirement to fish every 24 hours or he’ll stop breathing. The town of Norfork puts on this great (reportedly) fishing derby every year, the second Saturday in June, where they stock up kiddie pools with fish and every kid gets a prize and it’s so much Americana you sneeze red, white, and blue. And fish.

Anyway, having fond memories of many fishing trips with my dad and catching my first bass on the iconic Snoopy rod & reel, I decided last year, probably the second Sunday in June 2010, that I wanted us all to head up to Arkansas this year for that fishing derby and Marion’s first fishing trip.

So a family trip for the four of us turned into a family reunion / kick off BB&R’s trip back to Alaska / last vacation as a family of four for Al’s crew / John Paul’s first road trip / matching personalized t-shirts for all the kiddos. Some might call it a little out of control.

Then mother nature got mad she wasn’t invited. And rained. And rained, rained, rained, rained. In fact, it rained so much it flooded the parking lot where the derby was held and so the derby was cancelled.

Great start, right?

It ended fairly much the same way. With the birth of my newest nephew, Samuel Brooks 🙂 Apparently pregnant mother nature was upset we left her off the guest list as well. Brooks made his arrival a full month early but is doing perfectly well and will one day be forgiven by his grandparents for being such a surprise and making them miss his birth. Out of the nine grandchildren my parents have, Brooks is the only birth they’ve missed. Including one born in Alaska and two in Texas.

Anyway, since I’ve proven my inability to sum up in a few words, I’ll let pictures do the rest of the talking. One of the best parts of going to Arkansas is playing in the creeks and streams and dams (when they aren’t flooding) and so that’s what we did. Lots.

{ blanchard springs 2009 }

{ blanchard springs, 2011 }

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