Clearly The Heat Is Getting To Me

Because I took the girls to the zoo. In the afternoon.

My other choice was to stay home, confined to the air conditioner, with two littles that were refusing to nap.

So we went out. And came home. I was exhausted, they were not.

We still had fun though.

Eliza Jane got lucky with the stroller fan

Mar had to cope with shorts and pigtails

But my girl has gotten brave and crawled through the fish tunnel all by herself with no cajoling or bribery necessary!

And she had fun baby talking the “itsy bitsy cutesy” groundhog squirrel thingie. Which I have to agree with her, for being some sort of rodent, is pretty cute.

Not as cute as our all time favorite meerkats though!

Making her dad proud by being fascinated with the alligator

And giving mama the heebeejeebees by wanting her picture taken with every animal in the reptile house.

Eliza doesn’t think you need animal entertainment when you have TOES!

Please, no family resemblance jokes

And the best part of the zoo in the summer?

The misting fans!

Or if you’re Eliza, water!

Ahhhh, the misting fans. There should be one every ten feet in public places during the summer if you ask me.

So did the heat just fry my brain? Or was this outing better than staying home with Cranky McCrankypants?

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