A Little Trip Back Home

The girls are out of mother’s day out last week and this week and Southwest had decent flights, so we took a little trip back home last week.

It was Eliza’s first flight and my first flight with both girls, flying solo! While the world isn’t kind to a mom traveling with two little ones by herself, I’m happy to say we survived and no one asked us to get off the plane!

Although several people probably thought we couldn’t get off fast enough when Marion puked on the landing of our flight into Jackson.

Me and my girls

Riding the moving sidewalk. This pretty much rocked her world.

Her surprise toy for the plane – color wonder markers, such a lifesaver

And how baby girl spent the flight, thankfully!

Unfortunately, travel does not wear big girl out, so her early as always wake up was tempered by some Mr Rogers on the laptop. This means I got another 30 minutes of sleep, yay!

Marme had lots of fun activities planned


Eliza Jane wants to be big so badly

So proud of her work

The best part of coming home – a pile of babies!

And a pile of clean girls!

All this visiting wore Beans out

We fit in a visit to the Ag Museum as well, mainly for mama to scope out where the girls’ are having their birthday party!

I don’t think there’s a kid in Mississippi that hasn’t had their picture taken in this chair

Watching the trains

Pap and the girls

Highlight of the trip do you think?

What’s better than one horsie? (Or donkey I think) Two, of course!

Okay, so having the pig smell her hand (Pap was very careful to show her how to put the back of her hand up against the fencing!) was a close second for her favorite thing

And no visit to the Ag Museum is complete with a stop by the general store

Where mama bought (probably not my wisest decision) maracas for the girls!

Naturally, no visit was complete without a great visit with Mamaw!

Apparently this was a visit filled with highlights as playing in the hose was definitely a fun time

It wasn’t as hot in MS as it is here back home (currently on our 24th day of temps over 100*) but the water was still much appreciated

Even Eliza enjoyed it

In fact, Eliza might have had even more fun than big sister (and if you watch that video, you probably are going to want to turn your volume down. I go home and I get real Southern, real loud.)

And well, since this was at my dad’s, we kept it classy with a homemade slip n slide. This is why you keep tarps just hanging around.

Truly, there’s nothing funnier than watching a baby try to crawl uphill on a slip n slide.

Unless it’s watching a baby eat a pickle

She really is like a Dr Suess character come to life

Then all too soon it was time to come back home – vomit free, thanks to a healthy dose of dramamine!

Mr Brown Dog, an old pro at this flying thing!

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One Response to A Little Trip Back Home

  1. jena says:

    awwwww, so cute! The slip n’ slide is awesome!! How fun!

    We used to give my niece lemons when she was little.. lol..

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