Race Recap #4

You know summer is coming to an end when it’s the last triathlon of the season for Josh. Not that it feels anything like fall around here (29 days of August and 28 of those days have had highs about 100*F) but we can hope, right?

Josh closed out the season with the Clear Lake International Triathlon which he did last year as well.

They changed the course this year from last and unfortunately, it wasn’t any more spectator friendly than last year’s course. In fact, for the first time ever, I actually couldn’t see Josh start the swim in the water. And due to the lack of a PA system, never heard them announce his wave start. I’m not a fan of that, for sure! They also lengthened the bike course and shortened the run, so all in all, it was just an odd race.

None of that seemed to matter to Josh though since he came in 10th in his age group 🙂

This was both a sprint and olympic distance triathlon which basically meant we were there for a really long time after Josh finished waiting for them to open up the transition area so we could leave. Thankfully, Bebe (Josh’s mom) came out for the weekend for a visit, so we had lots of help in the child wrangling department.

Despite the extra set of hands, I got exactly one video and one picture during the race. Oops. I blame it on my friends as two of my friends had their husbands participating and then the three of us girls and our kids had two more additional friends competing – one in her first triathlon ever, go Erica! So if you can’t keep up with that math, it was three husbands and two girlfriends participating, three mamas, one toddler boy, three toddler girls (sorry you were so outnumbered Joe!), three baby girls and one Bebe making the world’s greatest cheering squad.

Which, as you can tell, Eliza finds exhausting!

And because a blog post about a race would be incredibly lame without any actual race footage, that’s the one thing I’ve got. The one cool thing about this race was that we got an up close view of transition which normally isn’t quite so viewer friendly.

I highly, HIGHLY suggest you watch it on mute. I’m very loud 🙂

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One Response to Race Recap #4

  1. Cindy says:

    I hope we can do more races all together. It was much more fun to have such a large cheering group and so many people to cheer for!

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