Beating the Heat

It’s either think we’ve beaten the heat or just give up and melt into a puddle on the sidewalk.

Yes, I know it’s Houston and yes, it’s summer and yes, it’s supposed to be hot. But this really has been a record breaking summer (30 out of 31 days in August it reached 100* or above) so we’ve had to get a bit creative this year to get outside and not just internally combust.

When we got back from Mississippi, Josh took a Friday afternoon off of work and we drove the girls down to Galveston to visit Palm Beach at Moody Gardens. I knew there was no way I’d be able to manage it this summer by myself but I wanted to scope it out for next year. We’ll definitely be getting a season pass next summer as it’s well worth the drive for the fun we had.

Of course, managing a baby and a toddler and picture taking at a water park are beyond even our superhero (ha!) parenting skills, so I just managed to get two pictures of the girls at our beach spot.

Eliza, before she realized she could escape from the chair and eat sand

Marion, in her new swimsuit because I forgot to pack a swimsuit for her on a visit to a water park. Go figure.

And then, on the way home, she found out a way to make “why?” even more annoying!

We also celebrated the return of all the big kids back to school with a visit to Noah’s Ark splash pad. Where again, chasing a baby and a toddler and taking pictures proved beyond my skills.

And let me just take the time right now to publicly thank my awesome and amazing friends Megan and Kelly for helping me out so much this summer with both girls. Sometimes having two kids and only two hands is a bit overwhelming (and you’re in public and public throttling of your child is generally frowned upon) so having these wonderful friends always be there to provide an extra set or two of hands has been so, so, so wonderful. So thanks to both of you. You’ve truly made all of our outings this summer so much easier.

We thought with the beginning of September maybe a bit of fall had come to Houston and we thoroughly enjoyed our highs of “only” 94* but then, today was another 100* day and tomorrow is forecasted to be much of the same.

You know how they always say babies and toddler are always more amused with the box a gift came in than the gift itself? I tried to apply that logic to them today and filled up three buckets of water, grabbed some take n toss containers, a few mixing cups, a funnel and random bath toys and stuck everything outside on the balcony.

Forty five minutes of happy kids

Daddy probably won’t be so amused when he learns Marion “painted” with his basting brush, but we just won’t tell him that right now.

And even happier mama. All the parenting I had to do was just make sure Eliza didn’t fall in head first.

And you know, keep her from escaping.

Puddles were stomped in

Water was measured and transferred

Toddlers sat in buckets

Fun was had by all

So that’s how we’ve been beating the heat this summer. If I have to make a post about beating the heat in November, you can be pretty sure it will contain the words “moving to Montana.”

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One Response to Beating the Heat

  1. Paige says:

    So much summer fun! Kudos to you for going out with both girls. I feel like we missed out on a lot this summer because I didn’t know how I would manage both boys. Yes, you are very fortunate to have Megan and Kelly to help, but it still takes a brave and confident mama to load everyone up with the hope of having a little fun.

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