Party Details, Kids’ Table

I know it probably seems a bit overkill to have a table set up with activities for the kids when there were pony rides and a carousel, but I like overkill.

Plus, we had a variety of ages at the party and I knew not all the kiddos would want to do the rides, so I had a two other options set out for them.

Make Your Own Farm

I got 12 x 12 scrapbook pages from Michaels (5 for $1) that looked sort of like grass and ordered these stickers from Oriental Trading.

Plus, I had lots of cousins wanting to help set things up, so it was nice to be able to say, hey, stick some stickers on a sheet to show the little kids how to do this.

And look, another use for mason jars!

I printed out (for free, woot) ten copies of four different coloring pages and set them at the end of the table with a mason jar of crayons on top. The entire party, there was someone sitting there coloring (I even think I saw a couple of adults join in!)

And the favor bags.

I hate even saying this because you can’t get them anymore, but I had the sweetest lady on Etsy make the girls custom coloring books. She has since closed up shop (boohoo!) but there are lots of other options on Etsy if you want to go this route. These were just super cute book, personalized with their names and a pink tractor on the cover 🙂

We also included a set of crayons and a few farm animal bath toys.

We handed the bags out right as everyone was leaving, so I didn’t hear a lot of the reactions. However, my 90 year old Mamaw asked me to send her one of the coloring books, so she was upset she didn’t get one, which I’ll take as a sign that they were a hit with everyone!

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