Pumpkin Patch 2011

You don’t really need a lot of words when the pictures are as cute as these!

Except to explain all the pictures of Marion picking up pumpkins.

We watched an episode of Dinosaur Train before we went to the patch (Marion calls it the “mooky” one because she has trouble saying her “s” sounds. Anyway.) The dinos go to a pumpkin patch and have a contest to see who could find the biggest pumpkin. Of course, the mom finds the biggest pumpkin and everyone is all happy.

So when I told Mar we were going to the pumpkin patch, she very loudly, very adamantly told me she was going to bring home the biggest pumpkin she could find, just like Mrs P did.

In a moment of brilliant mom insight (and trust me, those are very few and far between) I told her, sure you can bring home the biggest pumpkin Marion. The biggest pumpkin you can carry.

Deal was done.

I’m pretty certain she picked up every pumpkin bigger than she was in the patch

And I do mean

Every one


What’s this?

Is it a keeper?

It is!

Even Eliza got in on it

She could bring home any pumpkin she could pick up

Who knew my baby girl was so strong?

Also, who knew

My baby girl

Hated walking in grass barefoot so much!

Ah, sisterly love

Oh wait, I mean sisterly strong-armed love

Little pumpkins

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One Response to Pumpkin Patch 2011

  1. Linda says:

    They are so adorable — and you are so brilliant! 🙂

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