Third Time’s A Charm

Or so we thought when we decided to go to San Antonio for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon the third time.

A quick recap, we went the first time when Josh registered for the race and I was merely pregnant with Marion. We thought a baby wouldn’t be a big deal, you know, like every first time parent. Which meant we ended up taking a six week old out for a weekend, which also means Josh got about 0.75 hours of sleep the night before the race.

The second year, Marion was sleeping through the night regularly and was a happy little 14 month old. Until she got hand, foot and mouth Saturday morning, 24 hours before the race. Which meant that year, Josh got about 2.50 hours of sleep before running 13.1 miles.

In our second time parent wisdom, we skipped taking a newborn and a toddler to San Antonio and decided to wait a year and take two toddlers instead. Third times a charm and we know what we’re doing this go round.

Until Eliza woke up from her nap on Friday afternoon with a temperature of 104.7, resulting in an emergency appointment to the pediatrician and a diagnosis of an ear infection, of course! This year, we stayed in a hotel (we normally rent an apartment) and had grand plans for sleeping arrangements. Which meant that Marion slept in the king sized bed most of the night by herself and Mama slept on the sofa with Eliza. After Eliza and I got settled down, Josh was able to sneak into bed with Marion and this year, got a whopping five hours of sleep!

It was enough for him to set a PR of 1:38:19! Imagine what he’d do on a full night of sleep πŸ™‚

Again, in our parental wisdom, we decided to only spend one night in San Antonio, figuring one night away from home was enough for the girls. So we left Saturday morning, got stuck in traffic due to a closed interstate, and neither girl slept a wink on a five hour trip that should have just taken three hours. Oh well. We got there eventually!

Marion in front of the Alamodome

It was so fun this year to take Marion. She knows what a race is now and she got very excited seeing all the fanfare around this race; she knew it was a big deal!

My super speedy husband was in the first corral

Eliza got to run some energy off

Her outfit makes her look a little bit like an escaped convict

Daddy and his girls

Yoga mat, check. Foam roller, check. Pack n play, check. What packing for a race looks like these days.

Making herself useful

We had a corner suite with a balcony. Pretty awesome. And not at all dangerous.

A little trip down memory lane if you don’t mind:




A brief moment of quiet

Between all the stroller pushing

And squirrel chasing these two were doing

I tried (and failed) to get a photo of the girls together

Then tried (and failed) to get a picture of just big girl

Sounds about right πŸ™‚

Then nighttime

And race preparations. We had some serious spectating to do!

Eliza finally passed out on the couch

And then everyone was up bright & early!

Hugs and

Kisses for dada

Although all Eliza wanted to do was to steal his visor

Not a bad spectating spot!

This is how we roll

And this is how we cheer

Josh felt good enough to smile and give us a wave at mile 3

He was a bit more focused at mile 8

And too fast at the finish for a good picture!

That, and we were too busy cheering our hearts out. He had such a great race and I’m so proud of him. It takes a lot of dedication to train for a half marathon through the heat we had at the end of this summer and into the fall, but all his hard work paid off big time. And I’m sure having the cutest cheerleaders out there didn’t hurt either πŸ™‚

I think it’s safe to say that we won’t be trying to make the trip again though!

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One Response to Third Time’s A Charm

  1. gigi says:

    Hurrah for Joshua!!!! great time and all your training during the year with a full time job…full time family! i’m so very proud of you man!
    love ya’ll miss ya’ll

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