Thanksgiving – Part Two

One of the things I was most looking forward to about back to Atlanta was getting to take a long run on my favorite running trail, the Silver Comet Trail. Twelve miles has never felt so good.

Meanwhile, Marion got to play with some cousins back at Papa & Granny Chris’s house

Granny Chris quickly learned the quickest way to Eliza’s heart is through food.

Eliza was big into trading kisses for bites of Granny’s brownie!

Three silly girls

And now, Marion never wants to leave Atlanta!

Meeting Aunt Linda’s horse

Let’s be honest, Mama never wants to leave Atlanta now either!

Sweet horsie

What a big girl!

Eliza got a turn this go round

And proved to be quite the horsewoman!

She was, dare I say it? Even more excited about the horse than Marion

And so ends what was quite possibly the best day of the girls’ lives, haha!

It might have also been one of the best day of Granman’s and Belle-Mere’s lives too, having all their grandchildren under the roof for the first time!

Hello houseful of children!

It was worth every single minute in the car to snuggle this sweet boy for the first time! Welcome to the family baby Raleigh!

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