Thanksgiving – Part Three

Bebe let Marion play with her jewelry

Always a surefire way to make her happy!

And I got sweet, sleepy Raleigh smiles

Because you can never have too many pictures of a man holding a baby ๐Ÿ™‚

We also had time for a playdate with one of Belle-Mere & Grandman’s friends and her two little kids

Not that we ever need an excuse to visit Piedmont Park

But having friends to play with

And leaves to enjoy

Certainly added to it

Big girl

And those that know me from my Atlanta life will know just how proud this picture of her rock climbing makes me ๐Ÿ™‚

Daddy on the slide!

Eliza Jane has finally gotten over her suspicion of the swings

Although she remains suspicious of group photos

No better ending to a day at the park than lunch at The Varsity!

Complete with a fried pie, of course

That is one satisfied baby

With room for one more bite of pie, naturally

The grandparents also treated us all to a horse drawn carriage ride through the park in the evening!

It was so much fun we couldn’t capture it in a photograph!

I promise you, it was a lot more fun than this! (I just couldn’t resist posting this picture, as horrible as it is. It’s just a perfect summation of a moment in the life of a toddler.)

And then mama had to get creative! We did a lot more walking than anticipate and Eliza was tired (and heavy) so I used my pashmina to make a wrap for her. Babywearing FTW!

Why yes, we did feed our kids gelato at 10:00 p.m.

Because you can’t visit Atlanta and not visit Paolo’s!

And on our final morning, breakfast with Bebe

Where Eliza learned to drink straight from the syrup bottle

Which made her super cooperative for pictures! And the drive back to Mississippi, haha!

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One Response to Thanksgiving – Part Three

  1. gigi says:

    beautiful pictures…
    love ya’ll

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