Thanksgiving – Part The Rest

Alright, fast and furious with the photos today to get this done before Christmas!

Travel is exhausting

As is running with your siblings!

By far, the highlight of our trip (at least for me) was getting to run with my husband, brother and sister in the 8K Turkey Trot we all did. It was awesome.

Sweet girl

Sweet girls

I love my family

The once a year entire family photo!

Also the elusive mama & girls photo


The big girls

The big girls and big boy

Big girls, big boy, baby girl

See a theme here?

Big girl, big boy, baby girl, and baby boys

That looks about right

I don’t think we’ve had a picture like this, well, ever

Just missing cousin Rosemary (and now baby Caroline!)

These two, watch out. T-R-O-U-B-L-E

We need a bigger kids table

Nothing like a little turkey day coloring contest

Like I said, trouble.

A little post turkey eating football nap

Or maybe a nap instead

Yet another person finds out the way to Eliza’s heart is with brownies

Or just triffle

Love this sweet boy!

Poor Marme, there’s always mouths to share food with!

Demanding mouths at that

Big pimpin. And with that, we left!

Maybe I’ll get Christmas up before Valentine’s day…

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