Tiny Dancer

And if you’re a Friends freak like I am (Hello Lindsey!) you’ll be singing “Hold me closer Tony Danza” the rest of the night.


So for Marion’s birthday, yes, back in September, her gift from us was ballet lessons.

Really, nothing cuter in the world than a little ballerina

Unless it’s a line of tiny ballerinas!

So I sent that picture to my mom and she immediately responded, in true Grandma fashion, “KATI! SHE’S THE ONLY GIRL WITHOUT A TUTU!”

Now you know if it had been me as a child complaining I was the only girl in class without a tutu, she would have said, well if everybody in class jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?

But I guess that’s the joy in being a grandma.

So anyway. By the time the next class rolled around

Marion had her tutu

I’m posting all these pictures now because I had been planning on doing a big long post with all these photos and videos but then, the laptop ate my photos and my lesson has been learned. Also, today was the first day of ballet since Christmas break and I realized I have never talked about her ballet lessons on the blog. Oops.

We had parents’ day before the holidays where we got to come into class and watch the girls and oh, the cuteness!

Just see for yourself

And this would be mama’s favorite part of ballet class…

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One Response to Tiny Dancer

  1. gigi says:

    oh my goodness…the cuteness!
    guess gigi did good 🙂
    i sure love that tiny dancer!

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