The Law of Unintended Humility

Want a lesson in humility? Become a parent.

Marion loves the show, Dinosaur Train. Loves it. She can play Dinosaur Train with all her babies for hours and has an impressive vocabulary of almost unpronounceable dinosaur names. As well as being convinced she’s nocturnal, but well, that’s the topic of another post.

If you’re at all familiar with Dinosaur Train, than you know the role of Mr Conductor and the tickets. Which always leaves me amazed at why do they even have tickets on this train when certainly they aren’t buying them because none of these dinosaurs have jobs and certainly no pockets to carry change in. But I guess without the tickets Mr Conductor couldn’t show off his Troodon claw. Can you tell I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing this?

I digress.

So Marion often plays games with her babies that involve them needing tickets. She’ll ask them if they have their tickets, she’ll say she has the tickets, she sees if we have tickets, etc. When sh asks if we have the tickets, we always tell her no, we don’t have them, maybe go look in the playroom. Essentially, just brush her off because man, the ticket talk can go on all day.

Today though, I was feeling like being super involved mom, so when she asked me if I had the tickets, I told her “I do have the tickets!” After all, I could spare 30 second to go grab three sheets of note paper. She was shocked. I said, let me go look in my special ticket drawer (the buffet drawer if you must know) and I’ll get the tickets out. I was tearing the sheets off the note cube and said, “Hey look, I’m like Mr Conductor” and she said, “You sure are mom! This is so exciting!”

I handed her the “tickets” and she said, “Thanks mama!” and I started to walk off, I was mom of the year, you better believe it. She stood there, inspecting the tickets more closely.

“Mom,” she said, “I really need something more amazing.”

And that folks, is why you have kids. They keep you humble.

Whether you want it or not.

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One Response to The Law of Unintended Humility

  1. gigi says:

    something more amazing huh?
    good luck momma!!!

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