A Warm Winter Weekend

We have been having some unreasonably unseasonably HOT weather even for Houston amazingly non-winter weather lately and used this time over the weekend to get out enjoy it as a family.

First up, Josh got to come home early on Friday and so I used that opportunity to get in my long run then instead of waiting until Saturday morning.

My view on the way home

Josh did his long run Saturday morning as usual, and as usual, when he came home, we were all starving. So we decided (as did half of Houston) to go outside for a meal. Unfortunately the food truck we were trying to track down had generator issues and so we drove around until we found another truck we like (with a parking lot that had actual empty parking spaces). Houston has a crazy amount of incredibly wonderful food trucks right now and if I had my way, I’d eat at one every meal for a week and not get tired of them.

This weekend’s fare was from StickIt Truck

Then we went by Petite Sweets (not a food truck, but still delicious) and picked up dessert for a little sweet picnic in the park

What baby doesn’t love a macaroon?

Although these days she’s not such a baby anymore

Big girl was in heaven with lots of sticks

And trees to bang them against

Bean was happy to just climb in and out (and in and out and in and out) of the stroller

We capped off the evening with a trip to the bookstore. For a little light reading, you know.

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