Round ’em Up

And head ’em out. It’s rodeo time here again.

She looks ridiculously natural on the back of a horse

She just looks ridiculously adorable

And together, they just look like trouble

Up first, the rodeo parade at school

Eliza wasn’t too sure about this

She’s a big fan of her regular routine

And apparently we were interrupting that regular routine

Big sister was a bigger fan of seeing us

Have you seen anything cuter than a class full of cowboys and cowgirls?

Then it was Go Texan day. While neither Josh nor I are native Texans (duh) our daughters are, so we’ve embraced this wholeheartedly

So dang sweet

I didn’t even mind the fact that my Friday afternoon run was disrupted by the trail riders coming into town

Or that I had to share my sidewalks with covered wagons

On Saturday, the girls dressed up again to see the trail riders come downtown for the parade.

And at this point, after putting together three “Western” outfits in a row using clothes they normally wear, I think it’s safe to say they don’t have to try to dress like cowgirls, they just are cowgirls.

Maybe cowgirls that wear double breasted trench coats, but still, cowgirls.

In the past, we’ve gone downtown for the big parade, but this year, we opted for something quieter. Like our backyard.

It ended up being a lot more fun than elbow to elbow with everyone else

See that horse kind of in the center of the photo? Her name is Sally. We wouldn’t have found that out downtown.

The girls really enjoyed being able to run around and say hello to the trail riders

REAL cowgirls on REAL horses told her she was the prettiest cowgirl they’d ever seen. Her life is complete.

And seeing things like this in the middle of Memorial Drive is just darned neat

Ostrich boots and giraffe pants. It’s how we roll

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