Laissez les bons temps roule!

At least, something like that.

The plague has again swept through our house, this time bringing with it bronchitis and an ear infection for Marion and strep throat for Josh. Hooray! To say I’m a bit behind in blogging would be an understatement.

So, if you would jump all the way back to the beginning of March with me, that’s where we’ll start.

Josh decided to tackle another marathon again and our relationship got a big lesson in balancing training plans, haha! It hasn’t been unusual for us to run over 26.2 any given Saturday between the two of our long runs! Josh picked the New Orleans Rock n Roll marathon to run again since he did that one two years ago and even though that trip didn’t go exactly as we had planned, at least we had some familiarity and would hope not to repeat the same mistakes.

It’s always good to kick things off with presents! This was a bit of a birthday trip for Josh as well, so we threw together a run daddy run and happy birthday bag for him. The toddler picked out the balloon 🙂

The same toddler that blessedly slept a good chunk of the drive over

When we went before, as we always try to do, we rented a house to stay in instead of a hotel. Last trip, it was the carriage house, this time, we went for the big main house. It was a gorgeous home with plenty of room for the girls to run around and be all crazy. Something I know the neighbors appreciated. It was the perfect place for us.

Even if they didn’t have a high chair and the girls ate off of a cooler

Or just a towel on the floor

The over sized claw foot tub more than made up for any dining shortcomings

And of course, bedtime in a strange place is always, shall we say, challenging

They got into the groove of vacation by Saturday morning though! Josh headed out for a short run and when he came back, I headed out for my long run of the week.

I’m sad to say I got beat by a streetcar

We stayed in East Carrolton and I ran down to the Quarter to meet up with Josh and the girls at the convention center.

Making sure Dad got the right bib number


The cheerleading squad

Their “Run Daddy Run” shirts got a lot of smiles

What you call being a good wife. My alarms set for race morning.

Of course, we didn’t really have to worry about having any alarms set since Marion got another attack of croup at 2 a.m. You knew something had to happen, right? Given that we were traveling out of town for a race and all that. Let’s review, shall we?

November 2008, traveled to San Antonio for 13.1 with a SIX week old
November 2009, traveled to San Antonio for 13.1 with a 14 month old that developed hand, foot & mouth
February 2010, traveled to New Orleans for 26.2 with a wife that had severe morning sickness and an almost 18 month old with an ear infection and upper respiratory infection
November 2011, traveled to San Antonio for 13.1 with a thankfully health big toddler and a baby toddler that was teething

Why do we keep doing this? Anyway.

So yes, lots of alarms were set.

And the cheerleaders were all in place

Ready to cheer Dad on! This was about mile 3, I’m pretty sure. This year, we bought a finish line parking pass because I was determined to see him cross the finish line! Now that training is such a balancing act for our family, we both feel as if we’re with the other crossing the finish line. No way was I going to miss that!

We have this race thing down to a science

Hi again! This time, at mile 14

The live oaks were gorgeous

This was the longest event they’d ever spectated and by mile 24, they were just worn out. Who was more tired at that point, Josh or the girls?

We surprised him at the 40K mark

And then hauled it over to the finish line!

3:53:01 – incredible!

So proud of my amazing husband, and so was Marion. She drew a picture of Daddy running 🙂

My rock n roll crew

We went back to the house after the race and we all got in a good nap. After that, we woke up and it was time to go again.

Me and my girls getting ready to hit the town (HAHA!)

What happens when you give a toddler the camera

Sometimes you get pleasantly surprised!

And then sometimes you get exactly what you’d expect

It’s not a trip to New Orleans without a stop at Mother’s

Eliza + red beans and rice = true love forever

New Orleans is made for baby wearing

And beignets were made for New Orleans

Baby’s first sugar overdose

I’m not sure if it was the sugar or just New Orleans, but she was pretty crazy 🙂

Eliza was a fan

Family portrait in Jackson Square, 2010

Family portrait, 2012

What a difference two years can make!

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