Laundry Update

If that doesn’t sound like the most boring blog post in the world, I don’t know what would. Maybe “watching paint dry?”


We’re about ten days into this little homemade laundry detergent experiment and it’s going fabulously! Eliza has spent an entire week in diapers washed with the homemade stuff and both she and the diapers are doing great!

For those with the sensitive skin questions, she tends to be fairly sensitive on her bottom, but no rashes or redness! That means the diapers are getting clean and there’s no residue left on them to cause any sort of an ammonia reaction (CDing moms know what I’m talking about!)

Still, pleased as punch with this detergent! The jug is almost halfway gone (we do so much laundry around here!) so I think I’ll experiment with some scented detergent next time.

Just to keep this from being the most boring blog post ever, here’s a picture of our laundry room closet


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