Hogs Hunt 2012





Notice something missing this year?

We had Bebe fly out from Atlanta to stay with the girls so Josh and I could run Hogs Hunt together this year. Well, together isn’t exactly the right word. Josh moved up this year to the 50K race (!!) and so he started an hour earlier than I did as I was running “just” the 25K.

We both had really great races despite the heat (the past two years it was 45* at start time, this year, it was 79*). It was a lot of fun to go to a race with just the two of us and it was really nice to not have to share our post race Fritos and Mexican Cokes with toddlers 🙂

We’re so happy to have had Bebe out for the weekend

And something tells me she had a pretty good visit as well

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One Response to Hogs Hunt 2012

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Did I see that you are also in Houston?! (We just moved here a year ago). And I love that your girls have red hair- so sweet!

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