Such a Mom

Every year, the girls’ school has an end of the year pre school graduation, complete with classroom tour and a quilt auction. The church has a quilting club that usually makes the quilts, but this year, they were too busy so they made an appeal to any parents when any amount of sewing ability.

Enter me. And one quilt turned into two and into three. Thankfully, it wasn’t that hard and it was more than worth it every time Marion would point it out hanging up in her classroom window and tell everyone “My mama made that!”

This is the quilt from Eliza’s current Honeybee class

But when they did the quilts, she was a Grasshopper.

So I did the Grasshopper’s quilt too.

Her little fishie fingerprints

Marion’s Butterfly classroom quilt

Butterfly handprints

Sometimes, there are moments in my life where I still think I’m 21, single, childless and fairly carefree. Then I hear the cries of “mama, mama!” and realize that I’m actually a wife and a mom, a mom of two kids. And then things like this happen, and it’s like, I’m not just a mom, I’ve now become “THAT” mom.

And I wouldn’t trade it for the world 🙂

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