Alaska 2012 – Flight Up

Ready to roll!

My smile covers a lot of nerves! And a note, I didn’t have to take Eliza out of the sling nor did I have to take her shoes off. Both minor things, but helped tremendously!


Playing peek-a-boo or hide n seek or some such game. I took two valuable pieces of advice from my friend Viula that flies with her two boys quite often. The first is, even though you might get dirty looks, encourage your kids to run as much as possible before boarding the plane. Better that they get the energy out in the terminal than try to get it out at 30,000 feet! We had jumping contests, pretended they were frogs and they ran intervals up and down the gate area, haha. Second piece of advice, if you have assigned seats, board the plane last! It’s hard enough keeping them in their seats while you’re taxing, much less when you’re just parked at the gate. All our flights, we were about the last people on the plane, so it was sit down, strap them in, get blankets and milk cups situated and it was take off time. Again, with so much thanks to Marme! She boarded the plane with our group and set up the girls’ backpacks, bottles, babies and all the other little things so that when I was walking with the girls, I just had our boarding passes. Flying with a Marme is also a valuable piece of advice 🙂

Silly Marion

My Beanie baby LOVED flying!

Someone made up for her lack of sleep the night before…

Snuggle buggle

How we passed a four (!!!) hour layover in Denver

We also rode the train, a lot

Pretending we got to see more of Colorado than just the airport

And the biggest mistake of the trip. Giving them ice cream with dinner.

The six (or eight, I can’t remember which) flight up to Anchorage

No one slept. No one.

Thankfully, not enough of a sugar rush that they didn’t want to watch a movie, just enough sugar to keep them AWAKE

Until, predictably, 15 minutes before touchdown.

Oh well, we made it. There was minimal screaming from Eliza once I gave up getting her to sleep (imagine that) and of course, it was all worth it to see Gigi when she picked us up at the airport!

We flew Frontier Airlines from Houston to Denver, then Denver to Anchorage and I will fly them again every chance I get. They were fantastic and made the traveling with two little kids as easy as possible for us. Highly, highly recommend them.

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