Alaska 2012 – First Day

Making up for lost sleep. Of course, Alaska in the summer is just about daylight 24/7. Every day when Marion woke up, the first words she would say would be “mama, is it morning or nighttime?” The three hour time difference and all the light made for some very confused girls.

Holding my newest niece for the first time

Despite her look of suspicion (apparently, it’s genetic), Aunt Kati quickly became Baby Caroline’s favorite person in the whole wide world.

Even with me constantly nomming on her cheeks

Eliza was fascinated with her and brought her little “offerings” all the time. I think she was happy to just not be the youngest anymore.

Marme entertaining the big’uns. Yay for cousin Rosemary too!

And Gigi now is the coolest person in the world to Marion, thanks to her ownership of five dogs and Cassie Kitty. But mostly Cassie Kitty. Marion is officially kitty obsessed. I’m thankful my mom can’t overnight a cat from Alaska, or I know what Gigi would get her for her birthday this year!

A tired Beans

A tired, but refusing to admit it, Widget

An outdoorsy Beans, recharged and ready to go again

Some quiet time with Gigi (and Cassie Kitty. Wasn’t kidding about the obsession.)

And what I did my first day in Alaska, started some socks!

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One Response to Alaska 2012 – First Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    did you get em finished?!!

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