Alaska 2012 – Reindeer Farm

I know it’s as touristy as they come but one of the biggest highlights of the trip was our visit to the reindeer farm. If y.ou ever find yourself up near Wasilla, Alaska, do yourself a favor and go pet some reindeer at Reindeer Farm.

And they have more than reindeer!

These ladies are elk

And that would be gnome trying desperately to convince the elk to come home with her

Settling instead for feeding them grass

This one, not scared of the big elk either

Marion though, was a big more timid. Particularly after one decided her hair looked like some lovely grass….


Alright, these are the reindeer. Now where is Santa?

Pushy little buggers

Baby reindeers!

The reindeer weren’t very cooperative in posing for a family picture

What it’s like trying to take a picture of a reindeer that would rather have you feed it

Then it was off to see the big bull moose

That amazingly enough, was not even near full grown size yet.

The moose was a bit more cooperative for pictures

Marme and the moose (hey Marme, that could be a children’s book title!)

Gigi and the moose. Gigi and Rosemary both had a lot of fun feeding the moose. Probably because they spend most of their outdoor lives trying to avoid moose and here was one it was okay to see and not a reason to freak out.

You know me, if there’s an animal around, I’m going to to try to feed it

And pet it. Moose are disappointingly not velvety feeling. Whoomp whoomp.

Then one more visit to the reindeer

Where Eliza made sure the babies got their exercise

By, you know,

Chasing them.

She gave up and harassed the mama instead. Geez, that sounds familiar.

With one more go at the baby before we left

Man, I love Alaska

Chasing reindeer leads to some exhausted girls. We could do that every day!

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One Response to Alaska 2012 – Reindeer Farm

  1. gigi says:

    alaska misses ya’ll!!

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